Review: Sweet As Popcorn

sweet as popcorn

At the Brunch Club Christmas gathering, we were given goodie bags, in those bags we each got a bag of Sweet As Popcorn. I was fairy tipsy  by the time I got home, and so I munched back half the bag before I went to bed and then ate the other half when I woke up. slightly hungover in the morning.

I REALLY loved the popcorn and raved about it all day, but was told I needed to try it while I was sober to see if it was a good drunk me thought it was (if this meant popcorn/eating, I wasn’t going to say no) Continue reading →

Brunchclub Christmas Drinks

#brunchclub Christmas drinks

Last night I went to the Wellington #brunchclub Christmas event; year it was Christmas drinks at Motel.

Before the event, I met up with Dani for coffee, and it was great to be able to catch up as we hadn’t seen in other in a while.

#brunchclub Christmas drinks

It was 2 for 1 Wednesday, which was pretty awesome, but also kind of dangerous (I’m feeling a little worse for wear today). I hand intended on getting two drinks, but Dani and I ended up going halves and getting three (I’m glad we did this, because it meant I got to try something different each time).
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Brunch Club at The Arborist

brunch club at the arboristThis past Sunday I finally managed to make it to another Brunch Club brunch; the last one I went to was in March. Yeah, I know, slack.

This month Brunch Club was at The Arborist, a rooftop bar and eatery that focuses on fresh and locally produced food. They also have a fairly decent gluten-free selection; I was impressed. Continue reading →

Brunch Club at Drexel’s (and a follow up breakfast)

Drexels, brunch club, breakfast,  brunch, wellington, eateries

Last Sunday, I sent to my first #BrunchClub brunch. I’m not going to lie; I was nervous as hell – meeting new people and engaging in small talk is not one of my strengths. Seeing as this year is all about doing more things that scare me, I decided I needed to go at least one brunch; I’m glad I did, because I had a great time and got to meet some awesome Wellington based bloggers. Continue reading →

Bridal – Aussie Curves

Aussie Curves, plus size, plus size fashion, body positivity, outfit of the day, outfit post

This week’s Aussie Curves prompt was bridal. I got married in November of 2013, and had a pretty untraditional wedding dress (my dress was red, as I wanted something I could wear more than once, and I don’t think I suite white).

Aussie Curves, body positivity, outfit of the day, ootd, outfit post, Continue reading →

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