Weekly Gratitude List

weekly gratitude list, grateful attitude of gratitude

I haven’t posted a weekly gratitude list in quite a while (I think it’s been about a month?!), and I feel kind of bad about it; some awesome things have happened over the past month, but I was a bit down, and not really in the frame of mind to post regularly (seriously Black Dog sucks, but to be honest, it’s probably when I need to post a gratitude list the most).  Continue reading →

Weekly Gratitude List

Gratitude List

I’m at home from work with a throat infection, painkillers and antibiotics. I’ve been home two days, and have tomorrow off work as well; I’m bored as hell, and have been kept sane by watching back to back episodes of Friends (it’s finally on Netflix) and eating ice cream (because it doesn’t hurt). Anyway, being sick sucks, but that doesn’t mean everything has been sucky, here are thing things that have been awesome and that I have been grateful for over the past fortnight (I completely forgot about posting last week).  Continue reading →

A Photo An Hour – Weekend Away

We were in Auckland for the weekend and got back today, and while I’m sad the weekend is almost over I’m also kind of glad to be home (back to my own bed, which will hopefully mean a good night’s sleep, because holy shit, I’m so tired right now).

Yesterday, I thought it would be a nice idea to do another ‘photo an hour‘ post, as I thought it would be a nice visual reminder of what we got up to during our first wedding anniversary weekend away.

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Weekly Gratitude List – Feelings Are Gross

Happy Friday! I hope you’re enjoying your day – I have the day off, and I’m sitting in the sunniest spot of my bedroom, so my weekend’s off to a good start (we’re flying to Auckland later today, so I figured I’d need to take some time off to pack and get a few things sorted before we left).

This Wednesday was our first wedding anniversary (I know this post is late, and I had intended on posting this then, but ended up needing a nap after our hot anniversary dinner – jerk chicken if you were wondering, SO spicy), so this week’s gratitude list isn’t going to be a this awesome thing happened this week kind of post, and will be a feelings are gross, I am incredibly lucky one instead (sorry if I made you want to spew in your mouth).

Gratitude List  Continue reading →

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