Flashback Friday: Age 24

I found this photo while I was looking through facebook, and decided to share it with y’all. It was taken while I was working at spacesuit, and I was clowning around/showing off my gun belt (not too sure what happened to that). For those interested I was also wearing a black, pink, white and grey patterned hoodie, a Ruby/Glassons Smoking Gun’s singlet, and hot pink skinny jeans.

Friday Flashback: Age 25

I became an aunty for the first time in 2009 (waiting for more nephews/nieces, but it may be a while) when my sister Whiona gave birth to my beautiful yet incredibly cheeky Tumoana. I thought I’d share two photos from that year; the first is of me and my very pregnant sister, after catching up and having lunch with our dad; the second is of me holding Tumoana the very first time I met him. Isn’t he a cutie?  Continue reading →

Friday Flashback: Age 24

This photo was taken during the best and worst year of life so far (does that make sense?), I was studying, working two jobs (seven days a week… never again), going out and getting drunk all the time, and hanging out with my best friends on the reg. I was having a lot of fun, but I was also a bit of a mess; I was still working at Spacesuit when this was taken, it was during after work drinks at a bar up the road and I was with Carol (who I had flatted with a few years earlier, and was working with at the time) and Anu (who I had met through Carol when they were working together).

Friday Flashback: Age Nine

Here I am holding one of my birthday cakes (yes, I had two cakes that year, mum made one, and my nana made the other*). Also in the photo are Rebecca and Hannah (our next door neighbours at the time), and my brother Phillip (the shirtless one).

*Nana made the cake I wanted to eat, mum’s one… not so much, so of course when it came to cake eating time, nana’s one disappeared without me getting a slice.

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