Why I Cut My Hair

why i cut my hair, hair, haircut

At the beginning of the month I cut my hair, and to be honest, it scared the crap out of me – not because of how much I had cut off (I’ve had many hairstyles, short, dreads, bald, dyed; you name it), but more because of why I chose to cut it off.

If you want to know why I cut my hair, as well as the products I’m currently using (I have way more products now, than I have ever had) then  please check out the video below:

What is something you’ve done recently that scared you? How did it turn out?

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Review: Christmas Goodie Box

Goodie Box

I know, I know; I’ve been super slack at this daily blogging thing. When I set myself the challenge of posting daily the intentions were there, my timing however, was pretty crappy (sickness and Christmas). Instead of blogging, my nights have been filled with napping and wrapping (I’m so clever).

Enough excuses, a couple of weeks agoI bought the Christmas Edition Goodie Box; it arrived yesterday yesterday, and I decided I’d share what I got in my box with you. I feel my box had a good selection of products and I’m happy with the box I received (I was expecting more makeup items, but it’s all good).   Continue reading →

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