Why I Cut My Hair

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At the beginning of the month I cut my hair, and to be honest, it scared the crap out of me – not because of how much I had cut off (I’ve had many hairstyles, short, dreads, bald, dyed; you name it), but more because of why I chose to cut it off.

If you want to know why I cut my hair, as well as the products I’m currently using (I have way more products now, than I have ever had) then  please check out the video below:

What is something you’ve done recently that scared you? How did it turn out?

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Review: Dubar Amla Hair Oil

In my quest to find something (anything!) to bring a bit of life back to my dry, damaged, incredibly lacklustre hair I came across Amla Oil in the haircare section of the supermarket and decided to give it a shot. I mean, why not? My hair had gotten to the point, that if someone handed me a bottle labelled ‘snake oil‘, I’d probably try it.  Continue reading →

Homemade: Warm Olive Oil Hair Mask


Last year, my hair was wrecked; it was dry as hell and the ends looked like a ratty bird’s nest (it probably wasn’t that bad, but it was pretty bad*). I had almost resigned myself to the fact my hair was breaking off in chunks and now felt like straw, when I found a recipe for a warm olive oil hair mask. I’ve decided to share the recipe with you, because it’s incredible**.  Continue reading →

Review: L’Oréal Elvive – New Extraordinary Oil


Lately* my hair has been pretty lacklustre – I’ve always had thick, coarse, somewhat dry hair, so I’m not expecting a miracle treatment that will suddenly give me the soft, fluffy hair my boyfriend (who hardly ever conditions) has (yes, I am ALL of the jealous). It’s just that recently, my hair has been kinda straw-like, so gross.

I was complaining about my wrecked my hair to a friend recently and I told her how I had tried a whole bunch of conditioners marketed for dry/damaged hair, and nothing was working – it still felt like straw, and it was still breaking off in chunks (she was pretty shocked when she felt it, it was dire). She had recently been given a few bottles of Extraordinary Oil from L’Oréal Elvive to try**, so kindly gave me one and wanted to know how/if it worked.  Continue reading →

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