Do One Things Every Day That Scares You (7 Things To Do In 2015)

flight, fear, do one thing every day that scares you

This year, one of my ‘bonus’ goals was to seek adventure/do more things that scare me, and so far, facing my fears seems to be what I have made this year about (which has been equally parts liberating and terrifying).  Continue reading →

Shake It Off – Dealing With Embarrassing Situations

shake it off

Earlier this week, while working to work I slipped and fell walking down our rather steep hill (I managed to land sitting up with my legs sticking out, which I think was quite impressive). A few people saw but they were too far away to help, so after checking to make sure my phone was okay (how could I tweet about falling over with a smashed screen?!), I picked myself up and continued on my way (not going to lie though, I was so tempted to throw in the towel and go back to bed – partly because I was thinking if this happens first thing on a Monday morning, then what the hell was the rest of my week going to look like?!)  Continue reading →

My Long-Haul Travel Observations & Carry On Must Haves

I’m missing another Music Monday post this week, and am posting a ‘Things I learnt about long-haul travel’ list instead.

Our trip to Canada in July was my first big trip, and the first time I had been out of New Zealand since I was five; while we were away I started a list called ‘long-haul lessons’ and decided to share it with you. I have been meaning to post this since we got back but it seems I’ve been rather food obsessed lately…  Continue reading →

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