#NobodyIsAlone – Discussing Mental Health

#nobodyisalone #mentalhealthblogchallenge

I was going to post this a couple of weeks ago, but if you’ve read my last couple of posts, you’ll know I’ve been pretty down and out lately and haven’t been in the mood to do much, very fitting, I think…  Continue reading →

Things To Remember When I’m Stressed, Depressed and Bummed Out

stressed, depressed, bummed out

I think I jinxed it when I said I was the happiest I had been in years; because right now I feel like shit (nowhere near as bad as I felt last night/this morning, but still pretty shitty). My head is a whole lot of thoughts and feelings that I can’t seem to articulate, but at the heart of it I’m pretty stressed, and more than a little bummed out.  Continue reading →

Today I Swear I’m Not Doing Anything

lazy day

Yesterday my husband went up to his parent’s place to help with some computer troubles they were having. I stayed at home by myself, not because I dislike my in-laws (I like them, a lot), it’s just that we’ve been so busy lately that I’ve felt like I’ve needed a break/some time to myself for a while (yay introversion). I’ve also been hormonal as hell this past week, which didn’t help (I took a couple of my pills late and my body let me know about it).  Continue reading →

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