Road Trip Chronicles – Wacky Stays (Kaikoura)

wacky stays

While we were on our South Island road trip, we spent in a night in Kaikoura. We booked all our accommodation  for the trip, except for the hotel in Queenstown (which we booked in September) about a month beforehand. In Kaikoura we booked a yurt at a place called Wacky Stays (you can check out their website here), and I’m not going to lie, while sleeping in a yurt was a great experience, the main reason I wanted to stay there was because they also had a farm, and on that farm they had llamas.

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Road Trip Chronicles – Big Things (South Island Edition)

big things

We like big things in New Zealand, apparently. They’re pretty much everywhere, so while we were road tripping around the South Island I took as many photos of (and with) the big things we saw during our trip as I could (yeah, I know it’s cheesy, but a little cheesiness is a great thing), and in today’s post, I am sharing big things we saw on our holiday with you.
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Road Trip Chronicles – Wendelton Guinea Pig Village

wendelton guinea pig village

Last month, Phillip and I went to Queenstown for a friend’s wedding. I hadn’t really been to the South Island before our trip to Dunedin at the start of the year, so we figured we  may as well make a road trip out of it.

Our first stop was Nelson, where we had breakfast with my dad at Morri Street Café, before heading to the Wendelton Guinea Pig Village at the Eyebright Country Store.

I had so much fun at the guinea pig village; I took photos and videos, and even got to feed the guinea pigs (you can get some free guinea pig food from the store), I might have been a little over excited…

I wanted to share some of my favourite photos from our visit with you so you get to experience the cuteness as well.
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