Life Update

Lately, I’ve been feeling as if I haven’t let you guys see much of the real me. I’ve been blogging regularly, but I haven’t really shared too much of what’s happening in my life. So I decided it might be nice to do a life update of sorts, and share a bit of what’s currently going on.

life update

At the moment we’re painting/doing up our apartment, we painted my office a while ago and started on the bedroom in the weekend. I absolutely LOVE the feature wall (it’s the wall behind the bed, I don’t know what it is but the colour makes me so happy; I could stay in here forever if I could), so far, we’ve only painted the one wall (and a bit of the ceiling) but hopefully we’ll get more done this weekend and I’ll have some more photos to share with you.

I’m not sure how long it will take to paint/fix things around the apartment – we’re going painting every room, and will be fixing a few things around the place as well (bathroom tiles, sealing the bath again fixing the kitchen cupboards etc).  Continue reading →

“This life is fantastic, It’s easy, It’s hard, It’s intense, It’s young, and on and on and on…”

music monday

Without getting into anything, today was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had been stressing all weekend, and was all up. It’s the first day of a long week, but if today is anything to go by, it won’t be anywhere near as bas as I was expecting.

For this week’s Music Monday, I wanted something that reflected how stressed I had been, and how today has turned out okay. I didn’t want anything cheesy though, as much as I love Pocketful Of Sunshine (mainly because of Emma Stone in Easy A, which I need to watch again) by Natasha Bedingfield, it’s a bit too much sometimes

While going through iTunes earlier, I found a playlist I made called Cheer The Fuck Up! (I think it’s safe to say I was pretty depressed when I made that playlist, and completely over it/myself) and found Life Is Good by DJ Deckstream featuring Mos Def, it’s just what I needed.

And never mind stress
Just do your best
So plain, so sweet and it hit me so deep with all the blues in the news, that’s news that I need

Sick and tired of being sick tired

I’m still a bit sick, a little bit stressed, and as the title of this post suggests, over it. Right now I’m drinking some de stress tea with a bit of lime and a packet of lempsip mixed in with it; I’d rather be drinking gin.

Without going into much, work is SO busy at the moment. We were hoping that it would quieten down this week, but if anything it got busier; it’s also cold and flu season. So, I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit gross. Fuck, I sound so melodramatic right now. Enough with the complaining about things I can’t change, here are the things I’ve found help when I’m sick/a bit down  Continue reading →

Gluten Intolerance, and the importance of food labelling

I woke up this morning, to my husband telling me that from the 18th of January 2016 gluten free beer in New Zealand will no longer be allowed to use the label gluten free.

I think I replied with something like “what the fuck?! You’re kidding, right? What else are they going to call it, and how the hell will we know if we can drink it or not?!”

No, he wasn’t, just beer (i.e. it won’t be labelled suitable for people with coeliacs), and we won’t.  Continue reading →

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