Review – Fisherman’s Plate: Pho


Today Phillip took me to Fisherman’s Table so I could have pho for lunch; I love pho so much, and it was the third time I’ve had pho for lunch this week, What?! It’s delicious and I’m sick, and the soup and noodles feel amazing on my sore throat.

Fisherman’s Plate is a small fish and chip shop on Bond Street; it’s unassuming, small and a bit dingy, but the food is AMAZING. My friend Rochelle took me there so we could get pho a couple of months ago, and I have been hooked on the place ever since. I was looking forward to getting some over the Christmas beak, but they closed so they could refurbish/give the place a paint job. I was pretty gutted, but the place is looking a lot brighter.  Continue reading →

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